ultrasonic inspection of materials, hydraulic testing and metascope checking

Our in-house testing facilities cover mainly the needs of our manipulation and fabrication department. Equipment exists for the ultrasonic inspection of materials, ultrasonic measurement of wall thickness, hydraulic testing tensile, hardness, drift expansion, flattening and metascope checking.

Radiographic examination and other specialist NDT processes are provided by outside contractors of proven ability and expertise. Our own darkroom facilities allow inspectors to view radiographic films on the premises. Where relevant, all testing equipment is calibrated and certified to British Standards.

All manipulated tubes are inspected dimensionally against full sized layout drawings which are available for the use of visiting inspectors.

When necessary these facilities are used by the stockholding division to verify manufacturers test data. All tubes are supplied against the original manufacturers test certificates, copies of which are supplied free of charge upon request. Close control of stock tube quality is assured by purchasing only from the major tube mills and those known consistently to manufacture to the high standards demanded by us. A further quality safeguard is provided by our insistence that the majority of stock tubing is also inspected and certified, at manufacture, by Lloyds or a similar authority.

Cutting, Swelling and Screwing - the only manipulation executed by the stockholding, - division - is subject to frequent checks, ensuring that high standards of accuracy and, workmanship are maintained.

Willingale is an approved supplier to many major companies, including the world's most prominent Boiler Manufacturers, and is recognised by all in the industry as a responsible company, mindful of its quality and safety obligations to customers. It is a reputation we are rightly proud of.

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