Boiler Tube Manipulation and Boiler Tubing Manipulators

Our manipulation and fabrication department is accommodated in a modern building of some 40,000 square feet. Adequate working and storage space, coupled with two overhead cranes, combine in helping us to offer an efficient and speedy service to customers.

Carbon & alloy steel, straight lengths or manipulated to drawings. We undertake a wide range of work, both in complexity and size, spanning complete re-tube sets for large industrial and marine boilers to one-off tubes of small diameter. Owing to the nature of the boiler repair industry spares are frequently required at very short notice and we endeavour, work load permitting, to offer immediate capacity.

Our bending machines can handle tubes up to 4.5" (114.3mm) outside diameter. On sizes up to 2" (51mm) diameter we can bend suitable tubes to a ratio of outside diameter/bending radius of less than 1:1. Wall thinning on all bends can be controlled within the close limits demanded by bodies such as the CEGB. Our bending capability is backed up by facilities for welding by the TIG, MIG, Manual-Arc and Oxy-Acetylene processes.

Superheater Elements, Coils and other types of tubular fabrications can be produced to most standards in carbon, low alloy and austenitic stainless steel, as well as a variety of more exotic alloys. Also included in our welding capacity is an Automatic MIG welding machine for the attachment of longitudinal fins to membrane wall tubes. This equipment can handle tubes up to 4" (101.6mm) (outside diameter) with fin widths of up to 2" (51mm).

To complement the above facilities is an in-house capacity for Turning (8'6" -2.6m- maximum diameter) Milling, Drilling and Profile Cutting, enabling us to offer a wide variety of machine components such as Header Tubes, Supports and Flanges.
These facilities are also used in our works, allowing us to offer fast and reliable lead-in times for jobs requiring non-standard tooling.



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